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on p●lan to enc■ourage auto?/span>

餸obile and hous

hav○e reached cer■tain service lif〓etime.Subsidies t○otaling seve◆n billion yuan● to be allocated to ■"trade-ins"On May● 19, the p●olicy aimed at encou○raging automobil◆e and househol●d appliance "〓trade-ins" was s●tudied and deplo

eho○ld applian?/h1>

yed○ during a State C○ouncil exe〓cutive meeting. The◆ Plan for the fir〓st time cl●early defin◆es various as●pects of the pol○icy, including it●s procedur●e and the scope and● standard of the s◆ubsidy.Accor○ding to an

馽e "trade

offici○al from the Natio●nal Development ◆and Reform〓 Commission, the bas■ic idea of◆ the Plan is t○o encourage "trad○e-ins" by means of ◆financial su●bsidies, with 〓a view to expandi◆ng consumption dem○and, promoting ene■r

-i◆ns" (hereinafter 〓referre
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